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How To Make Your House Smell Amazing

The different scents are sealed in the minds of men, they mark their memories, they unlock certain emotions, and the more pleasant, the better impression they make. That is why home aromatization is essential to the image of every good housewife as well as the clean house. SYK cleaning will take care of your home and besides of perfect end of tenancy carpet cleaning, we will give you some tips on how to make your house smell amazing. Although at first glance it looks easy, it also hides its subtleties:

  • Choose the “right” scent for your home – what you like, which makes you feel good and meets your character.
  • Better bet on lighter flavors. Avoid the strong and heavy smells at home, because you will quickly become saturated with them. There is also a risk of vertigo or a headache.
  • Keep in mind that some people get sick of artificial and too sweet smells.
  • If there are repulsive smells in your home, do not try to hide them with freshener because it will only make the situation worse. Remove the problem with the soda for bread, vinegar or fresh basil – known to the host as a master for bad odors.
  • In order to smell your home pleasantly, you should regularly ventilate.

Ideas to aromatize your house

The most popular are the fresheners that we see in a different form of store shelves – sprays, aromatic sticks and candles, fragrant paper flavors, essential oils from which wearing intoxicating smells. If you are not a supporter of artificial flavors, bet on those who offer you nature. Several indoor plants or a bouquet of flowers in the vase will not only fill the room with their scent but will also refresh your home.

Aromatize with herbs or spices that you have picked from the garden. Do not rush to throw away peelings from the citrus fruits – let them dry, put them in decorative bags, scatter them around the room and it will be pleasant to smell them. For hosts who like to spend time in the kitchen, here’s the recipe for “aromatic home” – put some of your favorite spices in a bowl of some water and keep them on the hot plate until the water boils.

Fragrance according to the room

Keep the bathroom clean and you will not have any difficulty in aromatizing it. In addition, the cleansers and cosmetics you use will greatly facilitate your task. Suitable bath aromas are pine, eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemon. The bedroom is a place where peace and romance are. Create this sensation by aromatizing the room with lavender, jasmine or rose. For more passion, bet on Ylang-ylang or sandalwood – tested aphrodisiacs. For the dining room choose vanilla, berries or colorful fragrances, and for the living room – lavender or ginger. The least effort you will need for the kitchen since the dishes and pastries you prepare will do the main job. The morning coffee and tea also contribute to the aroma of the kitchen.

Season aromas

Spring is associated with the fragrance of flowers (hyacinths, tulips, lilac). For the summer, specialists recommend lighter aromas because of the heat. In autumn put on the emblematic seasonal fragrances – pumpkin, apple, grapes. Also suitable for autumn months is the aroma of carnations. Winter is associated with the smell of cinnamon, cocoa or pine.