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Home Tip 1) Limestone in the kettle – how removing it?

Cleaning the kettle from limestone over the years is not so easy. Even the most modern detergents are sometimes powerless to get rid of the thick coating. But there are ways that our grandmothers have used successfully, and without any effort whatsoever, they have managed to fight this scourge – limestone. The recipe we give you can also be used for an electric kettle.

Fill the pot with water up and boil it. Then add 2.5 tablespoons of soda bicarbonate. Allow the water to cool and boil again until boiling. Immediately afterward pour the water and fill the kettle with hot water and add vinegar 1-2 tsp. per liter of water. Once again, boil the water and leave the kettle full until it cools. From this procedure, the main limescale will become brittle and you will easily remove it with a brush. But if the teapot is not enough cleaned try boiled water with potato peel.

Here is one more easy and cheap way to clean out the limescale from your cattle

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[dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]Home Tip 2) Caring for the suede clothes[/dt_highlight]

After prolonged use, the suede leather loses its color and shine, its natural softness disappears and appears unpleasantly greasy. Regularly brush your suede jackets, skirts and more. lightly with a brush that is clean and has a soft hair. Brush clothes only when dry. The drying of rain should be done at room temperature, but not at a heater. Contaminated suede shoes are also cleaned by brushing, but only after the mud on them is completely dry. Suede suits should be stored in a dry, ventilated place and in no case in plastic bags.

Cleaning tip from Summer Bellessa, How to Care for a Suede Coat

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Home Tip 3) End of bad smell[/dt_highlight]

It is good when the scent is pleasant. But how do you do when you do not know how to remove some odors. Here are some tips:

  • Your whole house smells like the dish you have cooked – so the smell does not get into the kitchen, let it evaporate a little ammonia.
  • The jars even washed, keep the smell of the products they have stored. Put them in the fridge for a while and the smell will disappear.
  • If an unpleasant scent appears on the canals and sink, take half a lemon and cover the opening with it. Change the lemon to 3-4 days.
  • The smell of cigarettes is unpleasant and most often we put candles in the room to remove them. You can place a cup of vinegar in the corners where you smoke.
Vinegar Life Hacks you should know

  • If you have not used the thermos for a long time and have a bad smell, put 2 spoonfuls of bread baking soda in the evening and fill it with hot water. In the morning, wash it with a soap preparation. In order not to smell when you do not use it, put 1-2 lumps of sugar in it.
  • The smell of fish, onion from kitchen utensils is removed by wiping with vinegar or salt water.

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